2018 Hot List

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Elizabeth Jacob's Pick
New Ravenna's Python is a hand-cut glass mosaic that is a bold alternative to wallcovering. New Ravenna will customize to any color palette, allowing for one of a kind "art pieces". The utilization of this striking product creates the daring spaces that our clients are wanting in their homes!

Jenny Provost's Pick
John T. Unger's Fire Bowls were the very first artist-created decorative fire pits to be made from recycled propane tanks and are a gorgeous enhancement to any space providing glowing light and warmth.

Jennifer Fong's Pick
I like the Sparks Fire fireplace appliances, in particular, Ribbon and Linear Burner Systems because they are so flexible in producing magnet gathering spaces with other services usually related to these spaces. Fireplaces are the urban alternative to bonfires! Spark Fire Ribbon is a self-contained build around appliance with generous safety allowances yet still protected.

Johanne Vincent's Pick
The Alfresco Pizza oven is my favorite novelty! Pizza Plus is an exciting new outdoor pizza and culinary oven! You bake amazing pizzas but also Naan bread, French bread, croissants, roast chicken, bake amazing pot roasts and an infinite selection of recipes it is the ultimate in outdoor cooking and a show stopper!

Kellye Keegan's Picks
From backsplashes to bathroom walls and framed pieces, any image you can imagine can be created with custom mosaic tile. Fabrication by Hakatai. Barracuda design by K2 Design. Project Location: Trump Tower, Hollywood Florida.

be easily mistaken for a pendant light fixture. Make a statement over your kitchen island without obstructing your view. With only a whisper of sound, the Platinum can also be used as an air cleanser in a billiard room or den.

Niki Pietruszko's Pick
Christofle's MOOD turns the concept of a flatware holder on it's head. With the lid closed, the Christofle egg, which comes in silver or 24-karat gold plate, is an elegant piece of functional art and a conversation starter.


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