Dining Out

At long sweaty, mosquito-bitten, hotter-than-Hades last, winter has arrived at the tippy end of Florida. It’s the time when those of us who brave the summer here venture back outside. One can actually breathe! We feel playful and energetic. So forget spring, this is our time of renewal! Gather..

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It Costs How Much?

A nice couple with a dream of a sparkling new kitchen enter our Bonita Springs kitchen and bath showroom. We chat, examine, research, and begin the design process. Creative ideas are developed into concepts, which become drawings required to get the work done, and finally a beautiful photo-real 3D i..

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Fresh Air

It’s amazing to watch the excitement with which the southwest Florida summer dwellers greet the first sunrise of the late autumn. Not leaves changing, or pumpkin patches overflowing. No, it’s simply that at sunrise, around 6 a.m., the temperature is below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s important ..

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